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 Case Study 1: Digital Consultancy (continued)

An integrated provider of health care and not-for-profit health plans based in Oakland, California, is following a customer engagement strategy. Driven by what it calls its “consumer digital strategy,” Aroaches health care as a collaboration between care providers and members. It uses digital technologies to provide seamless, low-cost access to provider teams and to facilitate the delivery of both curative and preventive patient care.

This group capitalizes on digital technologies by:

  • Offering digital channels that bolster patient interaction with care delivery teams. The channels provide access to personal health records, secure messaging between patients and providers, and remote care.
  • Applying data analytics to identify the need for — and the most effective approach to — personalized medical outreach. They use analytics to track and improve patient compliance with medication and treatment regimens, and to identify the most effective forms of outreach for generating healthy behaviors.
  • Leveraging social media to develop communities of patients with similar interests and needs, and to create “care circles,” where patients and their families can engage with care providers. The group is using a carefully crafted permission system to allow approved family members and other caregivers to help support patients, communicate with their physicians, and monitor their treatment.

As a result of these efforts, 70% of the members are actively engaged in managing their health online — a behavior that the organization’s research indicates is positively correlated with better member health, adherence to treatment regimens, satisfaction, and retention.